The idea for Fashion in the Raw began in 2009 during my first season working on an organic farm. After encountering a very overgrown patch of chard, a leafy green vegetable, I envisioned the massive leaves draped along the contours of the body. In a whimsy of sewing some leaves together, fashioning them on a model and photographing the product, I began the journey of bringing together three of my passions: farming, fashion and photography.

Six farming seasons later, I have over 40 designs. Working with vegetable matter provides me with a unique and interesting perspective involving color and texture, as well as, giving me insight into the fragile nature of designs that are not meant to last. In many ways, these vegetable styles become the literal interpretation of fashion here today, gone tomorrow. I seek to explore the parallels between the brevity of food and fashion with the hope that just as we are concerned with what we put in our bodies, we will have more of an awareness of the ethical considerations of what we put on our bodies.

The end result is a fine art photograph, but with a few of the fashions, I have been able to preserve the vegetable matter with the purpose of presenting it during inevitable stages of decay.